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Being an autistic teen navigating sexuality by Dean Beadle

Dean Beadle is an autistic conference speaker, writer and singer. He has delivered over 900 talks in seven countries and has sung at balls, festivals and conferences in the UK, Ireland and Denmark. He is gay and can often be found adorned in tassels and sequins. OK, I know you must be thinking “what on […]

Growing Up, Advice for Autistic Boys

Lynn’s bit: As a team we have fully embraced the explosion of understanding, articles, books and advice about autistic girls. It goes some way in undoing the long years of girls being ignored in research, male stereotypes and the myths surrounding autism. BUT – we also work with autistic boys and although we do use […]

13 ways to encourage a child (or adult) with ADHD.

  I want to explain why despite the effort, it seems like a person with ADHD might struggle to get things finished and how we can support them. 13 Ways to encourage poster People still think ADHD isn’t a real thing or a ‘naughty boy’ invention.  Or an excuse for bad behaviour.  Or something that […]

Helping Autistic Children with a New Baby

  Another blog by Sarah Loveridge, one of our specialist teachers. Change can be scary, especially a big change like a new baby joining the family and ESPECIALLY if you’re autistic. Thankfully, we often have around 9 months to get ready for this change, and autistic children will need as much of this time as […]

Can Social Stories really help autistic young people?

By Lynn McCann author of Stories that Explain *Social Stories are a Trademark of Carol Gray https://carolgraysocialstories.com   As an autism specialist teacher, I have been writing social stories for over 15 years. But I’m the first to admit that social stories can be ineffective, damaging and even dangerous. The trouble is that many people […]

How can I help autistic pupils develop more independence in learning tasks?

By Sarah One of the most common issues we come across when going into schools is children struggling to work without constant prompting.  This can be for a variety of reasons including (but not exclusively) fear of failure, difficulty getting started (the dreaded blank page problem!), distractions in the environment around them, trouble understanding the […]

How did an Autism Specialist get diagnosed as ADHD?

Just to jump right in…The autism specialist is me, Lynn McCann, and I was diagnosed with ADHD in July. As with most events like this there is a back story.  I have been an autism specialist for 16 years now and in that time have studied and researched autism, ADHD, PDA Profile and other conditions.  […]

10 Tips for Employing Autistic People

Context I set up my company, Reachout ASC in January 2014.  At first I worked on my own, but soon added another specialist teacher, and most crucially, I paid someone to do my bookkeeping (not my biggest strength).   Now I have two part time employees, three self-employed associate specialist teachers and I’m holding on to […]