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My books for teachers are great handbooks for the classroom, full of practical advice, resources and can support autistic children right through the key stages.

All About Autism: A Practical Guide for Primary Teachers Order here

All About Autism: A Practical Guide for Secondary Teachers Order here

How to Support Pupils with ASC in Primary Schools Order here

How to Support Students with ASC in Secondary Schools Order here

Stories that Explain (a book of Social Stories with CD that you can edit) Order here

The Waiting Game (does what it says – teaches the concept of waiting in a fun way) Order here

Visual Timetables

A visual timetable supports an autistic person because they are often more visual than verbal thinkers. It is important that it is both developmentally appropriate and managed by the person themselves, if possible.

We have often made visual timetables for KS2 and KS3 children as well as preschoolers. Some teachers have a class visual timetable, which can be good for all children, but remember autistic children may need their own.

They teach a person the order of things, helps them learn about time, prepares them for events and how to organise themselves. A ‘FINISHED’ pocket to post symbols in once an event or activity is over, is important too. Learn how visual timetables can teach all kinds of things in this article from my blog.

You can get free school based timetable symbols here (opens an external website).

You can get home based symbols pictures here (opens an external website).

A visual timetable with symbols scattered around a table.