Workplace Autism Training

New for 2020

We have been working with the Environment Agency and UNISON in the North West to develop Autism in the Workplace courses for managers and staff.  Hilary Forbes has joined the team as our workplace coordinator so that we can offer this training to other businesses and workplaces.  We have previously delivered training for HMRC, Teaching unions and local business networks.  Please get in touch if we can help your company become more autism aware and support your autistic employees.

As employers of autistic people we have experience and knowledge of employment law, recruitment and ongoing support of autistic employees who are valuable additions to our workforce.

Get in touch for more information.  We can now deliver training online as well as face to face.

Neurodiversity Awareness

Training for managers, team leaders and teams about how a neurodiversity workplace brings creativity and a wider range of skills to the workplace.  With tips on being a manager of a neurodiverse team.

Any business or industry

Autistic and neurodiversity people work across every industry.  We can train teams on awareness and provide support for individuals to suggest reasonable adjustments and support for thriving at work.


We are working with partners to develop resources for neurodiversity recruitment processes and support for businesses wanting to adapt their recruitment process.

Hilary Forbes and Lynn McCann

Meet Our Trainers

Hilary has joined us to work with businesses, providing training and understanding of the potential of autistic employees.  Having run her own business and been an employee, Hilary was diagnosed autistic at the age of 45.  She has unique personal insights and has worked with Lynn to put our training course together.

Lynn is an employer of autistic people and brings her experience of recruitment,  making reasonable adjustments and managing a neurodiversity team to the training.