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“Reachout ASC have worked with our school for years. With their input we know we are supporting our autistic students as well as we can.”

“Reachout ASC’s training was extremely informative and interesting. It covered all the points I wanted to understand and covered them really clearly with good examples. I will be more aware of autism and thoughtful in class and around school.”

“Reachout ASC gave us lots of inspiration and ideas to work with autistic children in our school and their parents.”

“Emma certainly knows her stuff. She has helped so many autistic students that we have had through our school in the past few years. Every one of them has had a personal support programme that Emma has produced for them and given us the confidence and resources to deliver them.”

Our mission : To make school successful for autistic children and young people

Reachout ASC was set up by Lynn McCann in January 2014, after working as a primary teacher for many years and then for eight years in an all age specialist autism school. Lynn had set up an outreach service at the specialist school and realised that there was a great need for good, practical autism support and training in mainstream schools.

The team has grown over the years and with a commitment to making sure that autistic people were part of the team and part of our driving force, we now have a team of four specialist teachers, three office staff and an OT/sensory therapist who works with us.

We are passionate about helping people understand the experiences and perspectives of autistic young people in schools and building supportive and effective programmes that help them feel safe, learn and thrive in school. We see the whole child, through their whole education and how we can help them make those next steps into further education or training.

We now have the ability to look further than this and support autistic people in employment and train managers, employers and coworkers in understanding autism and neurodiversity.