Here is what SENCOs and parents say…

“Lynn has provided invaluable support for my son from the start of main stream high school, through to the end of sixth form college.
She works closely with the school SENCO and staff to make sure the right support and adjustments are put in place for him.
She also has regular one to one meetings with him to teach coping strategies so that he is more equipped to manage his difficulties and anxieties.
My son struggles communicating when feeling anxious. Lynn’s caring, understanding manner, along with her expertise as a skilled autism specialist, puts him at ease during his sessions.
With this excellent support she and the school have given, he has flourished from a child who would sometimes hide under a desk, to a much more confident young man who managed to get excellent grades in his GCSEs and A-Levels.

Thank you so much Lynn. You are a life changer.”
Abi Watkinson, parent