Course feedback



“1. Lynn was very well organised and had lots of resources to show our staff. The course was presented in a relaxed manner and an easy to understand fashion. We were encouraged to ask questions throughout to adapt the training to meet the needs of our children.  

2. The best parts were the social stories. Lynn showed how these can be adapted for every situation to allay the fears of children. This is an under used area in my school and Lynn gave us a good understanding of how they work. 

 3. I would use the ‘first and then’ boards and the sensory stories. These are valuable for all children, especially those ASC.  

Overall I would recommend the training for all schools, mainstream and special. Lynn emphasised the need for consistency and routine and demonstrated how important it is to give processing time. The training was valuable for all our staff and I highly recommend it for schools starting on the ASC journey or for those needing a reminder. “

C Drabble – Highfurlong School – Blackpool. 

“It was extremely informative and interesting.  It covered all the points I wanted to understand and covered them really clearly with good examples.  I will be more aware and thoughtful in class and around school.”   A High School Teacher, Preston.


“I now have better understanding of what autism is, and better understanding of how autistic children feel and think.  Lots of useful information was given that made me think about the strategies I could use in my lessons.” A High School Teacher, Preston.


“Fantastic presentation and a clear overview of Autism.  it widened my knowledge of autism and the traits that pupils may show.” A High School Teacher, Preston.


“Excellent refresher reminding me of how stressed autistic students become.  The simple practical activity we did was very effective.”  A High School SENCO, Preston.


“This course was a very useful practical approach to helping an autistic child.  I have so many ideas and practical strategies to try out in class.”  A Primary Teacher, Brinscal.


“Really enjoyable, well presented with enthusiasm and relevant information and tips, suggestions and ideas. I know I can support my pupil with autism better after this course.”  A Primary Teacher, Lancaster.


“Thank you for a very informative day.  A friendly, welcoming atmosphere and I feel very well informed.  The resources will be so helpful.”  A Primary Teaching Assistant, Lancaster.


“Lynn is great to listen to.  She’s interesting and very easy to understand.”  Chaucer Primary School, Fleetwood.


“A well presented and engaging course.  You know your autism and understand the challenges of supporting a child in the different key stages. Thank you.”  A Secondary Teacher, South Ribble. 

“I would definately recommend this course to others and would like in the future to attend other courses.”  Albany Academy, Chorley.