Telling your child they are autistic – webinar

Telling your child they are Autistic

Lynn has been working with an amazing team of autistic and autism specialists, Dean Beadle, Sarah-Jane Critchley, Dawn Brown and Sally Glossop.  We have recorded our webinar about telling your child they are autistic, with lots of great advice, stories and resources. 

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Supporting SEND pupils during School Covid Testing

Even though we are in Lockdown 3 many secondary schools have vulnerable and SEND children in school and WILL be doing the Covid Testing that the government brought in at the beginning of term. Here is as much information as I could find for you.

I am a child who thrives on routine and familiarity, I need you to understand my sensory sensitivities and make my environment safe for me.  I want to learn, and I want to be understood and included.

But the rules are changing again…

A new huge change in my school…

Covid testing is coming, and I am scared…

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