child's hand over a lego model with visual pictures showing what social skills they are working on

Lego based therapy courses.

Our Lego Based Therapy Courses are currently unable to go ahead due to Covid 19 restrictions.

If you are interested in doing an online version of the course we are developing an online version which would be for 2 adults working with 3 children in your school.  Get in touch if you are interested.


Our Lego Based Therapy course will cover:

  • Theory and principles behind LEGO®-based therapy. 
  • Practical application of LEGO®-based therapy. 
  • Setting up and running LEGO®-based therapy sessions in schools and community settings. 
  • The role of the adult in faciliating the sessions.
  • Monitoring progress in group members.
  • Managing emotional and behavioural responses. 
  • Generalisation of social skills.
  • Assessment and planning. 

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Children enjoying a Lego Based Therapy Session
Staff enjoying Lego Based Therapy training