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Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our new website

Lockdown gave us some time to work on updating our website and bring to you an updated and more accessible look.  Please do have a scout through our pages…

We’ve got a new simplified look, easier to access resources and more visually clear.  

That’s what we have been trying to achieve and we hope that our website is appealing and practical for you.   

We have included some great features:

Blog posts and articles

The best of our recent blogs, in articles you can download and share with others.  We will be adding new blogs on a regular basis with lots of great resources and practical ideas to help you support autistic children and young people.  We have new bloggers too! Our first new blogger is Kirsten Illingworth who has started working with us and has written about how you can support autistic pupils with bereavement. 

New Downloadable Resources

I’ve been trying to find a more visual way for you to see the great resources we want to share with you on our website.  The new set up shows a picture of the resource and a simple link to download it for your own use.

Easy to book on our courses or some training for your setting.

We now have lots of new skills to provide training online and a partnership with Schudio TV to bring you online training to do in your own time, or via Zoom to do a live workshop.

A new logo