Early Years Course Fun

Just as everyone was finishing for the Easter Break, Lynn went up to Lancaster to deliver the Early Years training course to two nurseries…

It was a lovely sunny afternoon, I had a quick zip up the M6 to Lancaster to the University of Cumbria’s nursery.  They had joined together with the nearby Rising Stars nursery, sent all their children home and gathered to listen to how they could recognise and support children with Autism Spectrum Conditions in the nursery setting.

The early years are a pivotal stage of a child’s introduction to the education system.  Identifying a child’s needs can ensure good early interventions and support to help them settle in and cope with the nursery environment.  we looked at how to develop communication, interaction and positive play experiences. We also spent some time learning about sensory processing issues and how to make the nursery environment sensory friendly.

Here’s some of the feedback…


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