Growing Up, Advice for Autistic Boys

Lynn’s bit: As a team we have fully embraced the explosion of understanding, articles, books and advice about autistic girls. It goes some way in undoing the long years of girls being ignored in research, male stereotypes and the myths surrounding autism.

BUT – we also work with autistic boys and although we do use books written for girls with the boys,  (its good advice for them too), we noticed a gap for advice from autistic men to autistic boys about being safe and growing up as an autistic man. So I reached out to some autistic men that I admire and asked them to write something for the boys we work with – and I’m going to share them as a series in our blogs.

Also to come in the series we will have advice about being safe when someone is gay, about being a black autistic man, about college and work and a blog about different expressions of gender.  

picture of white man with a beard, holding a book called Un-typical

Pete with his new book.

The first one is from Pete Wharmby. If you are on Twitter, he does some great threads about being autistic and is an ex-teacher. He has also written a book which comes out in 2023.

Here is his post:

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