Downloadable Resources

Lockdown and Covid-19

Going for a walk is a safe thing to do

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picture of sheet of anxiety and autism resources

Anxiety and Covid-19

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Social Story – How can I be safe in school

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Picture based record sheet of lockdown experience

My lockdown experience visual

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line drawing of a person with a speech bubble

My parents are deputy teachers

Social Story for the children say “You aren’t my teacher”.

Having a Covid Test at school Social Story

Social Story for secondary students facing testing.

Coping with uncertainty videofirst screenshot of Peter Vermuleun video

Mental Wellbeing

Emotion scales

Based on the 5 point scale

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picture of wall push ups

Classroom sensory Alerting Activities

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A set of 9 affirmation cards

Affirmation cards

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picture of a train for the alert programme

Visual for ALERT Programme

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Puberty and RSE Books

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Social Stories


Front page of transition to secondary school booklet

Transition to secondary school booklet

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cartoon picture of a boy and girl walking to school

Transition to the next class

Transition to new class 2021

one page profile to fill in

One page profile blank to fill in

One page profile blank to fill in

Themed ones available from ShefKids

secondary school visual timetable

Secondary timetable example

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subject labels for books with visual symbols

Subject labels for books

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part of the worksheet for communicating with home from school

Home-school visual communication sheet

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HF words and verbs and symbols