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sulky Teenage girl sitting on a chair with mother stood by her with hand on her

13 ways to encourage a child (or adult) with ADHD.

  I want to explain why despite the effort, it seems…
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Helping Autistic Children with a New Baby

  Another blog by Sarah Loveridge, one of our specialist…
Teaching assistant sharing a story with a boy pupil in a green jumper.Lynn McCann

Can Social Stories really help autistic young people?

By Lynn McCann author of Stories that Explain *Social…
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How did an Autism Specialist get diagnosed as ADHD?

Just to jump right in…The autism specialist is me, Lynn…
a picture of Cristina sitting at a desk. A white woman with long blond hair and wearing glasses.LynnMcCann

10 Tips for Employing Autistic People

Context I set up my company, Reachout ASC in January 2014. …