Resources for Setting Up A Social Skills Group For Pupils with ASC Has been developed over many years through our direct work with pupils. It is aimed at Primary aged pupils but has also been used successfully at the beginning of Secondary school to help build friendships and confidence in the new environment that Year 7s have to navigate.  It is designed to be used alongside board and card games but could also work alongside Lego and other practical play activities where co-operation and communication is the key to achieving the task. 

This resource has only been available to schools who have bought us in for training and regular support until now....but we are please to say, that it is now available to order from us directly.  We do training for setting up social skills courses and Lego Therapy if you want to develop these strategies more. 

Social Skills new pack

At the moment it is only available in photocopy master forms, consisting of separate sheets that come in a folder.  The list of contents are below.  All social stories have been written by Lynn and are designed to work with the plans and other resources.  The 'Waiting Game' has been developed and is unique to Reachout ASC.  We are developing a more substantial version with our printers and we will let you know when that is available. 

Current cost of a pack is £25.00 for Pack A plus pp     and £15.00 for pack B plus pp.       Both packs can be bought together for £35.00 plus pp. 

To order a pack you need to email us and we will arrange payment and postage.  Thank you. 

Contents:  Pack A - Social Skills Group

  • 6 session sample plan (each session can be repeated with different games) 
  • List of suggested games to get you started with the skills that they can teach
  • set of 6 skills visual boards, laminated
  • 'How to do Good Listening' visual 
  • 'How to do Good Looking' social story (note, this is teaching what looking at others is about, not that they need to look. We don't insist children with ASD have to look at others.) 
  • 'I can greet my friends' social story
  • 'Winning and losing' social story
  • 'The Waiting Game' (C) to teach waiting
  • Waiting symbol card, laminated
  • Turn Taking board, laminated 
  • Points template

Contents Pack B - Next Steps Conversation Skills

  • 'What is a conversation?' social story
  • Conversation starters and finisher cards, laminated
  • Conversation Topic Cards, laminated
  • 'Taking turns to speak' social story
  • 'Working with a partner in class' social story
  • Working together visual reminder, laminated