We've been busy creating resources and advice through the lockdown and here is a collection of free resoures you can download. 

 Laockdown resources

Here is the link to our free online course with SchudioTV 

Preparing Autistic and SEND children for going back to school

Resources to download -  see at the bottom of this page.... 

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Link to our blogs on transitions 1. http://www.reachoutasc.com/blog/what-makes-transition-work-for-asc-pupils 

2. http://www.reachoutasc.com/blog/post-16-transition-for-students-with-send-asc 

Download this file (About my feelings.pdf)About my feelings[Worksheet with symbols]Lynn McCann1209 kB
Download this file (BacktoschoolMapofconsiderations-200504-092044.pdf)Back to school mind map[Things to consider for schools]Lynn McCann217 kB
Download this file (Easy read school soon SS.pdf)Going back to school sometime social story[Easy read version. ]Lynn McCann1196 kB
Download this file (Easy read- Safe in school.pdf)Safe in school - social story[Easy read version. ]Lynn McCann1283 kB
Download this file (Going for a walk is a safe thing to do.pdf)Social story going for a walk[Written in some detail for older child]Lynn McCann592 kB
Download this file (key ring symbols .pdf)Social distancing School symbols[symbols for a staff keyring]Lynn McCann159 kB
Download this file (My lockdown experience.pdf)My lockdown experience [Worksheet with symbols to communicate with schools]Lynn McCann1125 kB
Download this file (Our day at home.pdf)Home schooling visual timetable[with symbols]Lynn McCann456 kB
Download this file (Remember I am amazing.pdf)Remember I am amazing Social Story[Going back to school (older child)]Lynn McCann288 kB
Download this file (School Bubble SS .pdf)School Bubble SS[Social story for a reader ]Lynn McCann606 kB
Download this file (send to Lynn.pdf)My worries about the virus[Simple worksheet ]Lynn McCann75 kB
Download this file (SS How can I be safe in school.pdf)How can I be safe in school? [Social Story for a reader ]Lynn McCann1171 kB
Download this file (Teenager Guide by OT .pdf)Autistic Teenager guide to going back to school[Written by an autistic teenager to other autistic teenagers]Lynn McCann464 kB
Download this file (Transition 2019.pdf)Transition to a new class [A social story booklet to fill in ]Lynn McCann1190 kB
Download this file (Transition resources.pdf)Transition Resources[Resource list of links]Lynn McCann351 kB
Download this file (We will be going back to school sometime.pdf)Going back to school sometime SS [More detailed version]Lynn McCann1250 kB