Here are the resources for the course 3 DSC 0918"Supporting Positive Behaviour for Pupils with ASC and SEND"


Behaviour tips for general classroom practice from 

Emotion resources from Do2Learn - Emotions

Social Skills Checklist Secondary


Helpful Behaviour tips for different conditions from Do2Learn - Behaviour

Social Skills Checklist Early Years

Social Skills Checklist Primary 

All Key stages

How to write a Behaviour Support Plan

S.T.A.R observation sheet and advice - see below

Social Story (TM) "My work does not have to be perfect"  - see below

School Stress Survey by Matt Grant (TES Resources) - see below

Positive rules and ticklist - see below.

Worktime - 'first, then, finally' visual - see below


Download this file (My work does not have to be perfect.doc)"My work does not have to be perfect"[Social Story by Lynn McCann (C) ]Lynn McCann170 kB
Download this file (Positve rules - example (Reachout ASC).pdf)Positive rules - example[A template for encouraging the right behaviour]Lynn McCann123 kB
Download this file (School_Stress_Survey.pdf)School Stress Survey[by Matt Grant (]Lynn McCann461 kB
Download this file (STAR Behaviour Record and Notes (pdf).pdf)S.T.A.R. Behaviour Record[blank form and advice notes]Lynn McCann254 kB
Download this file (worktime.pdf)Worktime visual['First, next, finally' to structure work tasks ]Lynn McCann50 kB