Lego Based Therapy Course – secret page

Facilitator Downloads

2020 Lego handout

PPT handout of the course

Lego Based Therapy course online introduction

Course introduction summary

Lego session plan May19

Example of a 12 week plan

Lego assessment form

Example assessment form


Strengths and difficulties Questionnaire

Lego permission filming

Sample permission letter

Pupil resources

Child Record sheet

Suggested self assessment using scales

Lego Vocabulary

Visual vocabulary mat

Lego rules

sample rules for the group

Lego session visual timetable

example visual timetable

Lego Builders Mat

some help for the builder


useful for emotional regulation

Pupil role badges

Badges for pupils

Getting to Know You

Summary of Emotional Literacy intervention

Lego Instructions with symbols

Lego Classic build – small house