Once or twice a year we hold a Parent Event and this year we were featured on Lancashire TV A report about our Autism Event for Parents.  We also exhibit at autism events and will do short talks as part of an event or workshop.  

We like to invite adults with autism to talk about their experiences and teach us about their autism, and sometimes parents as well as specialists in their field, such as sensory integration therapists may present a talk for us.  If you are interested in hosting a Parents Event or having us to speak at your event then please get in touch.  

We currently don't work directly with parents but whenever we work in a school or do training we encourage parents to be part of the work we are doing. Meeting with parents means they can help us learn about their child and we can give them support in negotiating the education system.  Occasionally, we have a few helpful strategies to use at home and can help parents find out the right information or organisation they need.

Parents and schools working together is what the new SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilties) legislation is about.  As the new Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) are rolled out, you will be asked for your views and input maybe more than you may have done before.  It is worth reading up on the process, what your rights and responsibilities are.  We wouldn't want anyone to have to go through a disagreement or tribunal process, but if you do, you need to know all about it.

              Some good websites that help parents understand the legal framework and processes are : 

        Special Needs Jungle.                           IPSEA.                              Douglas Silas Factsheets.

 Special Needs JungleipseaDouglas Silas  







 I've recently come across a website for parents where you can access information and support from other parents and included are some video's of parents talking about their children with autism.  These would make good training videos for autism awareness.  Find them at The Parent Net 

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 We will try to draw together and add over time, information about family support services in Lancashire.  It is a big county and services are better in some areas than others.  One good place to find out what is going on for SEN and Autism in your area is to subscribe to the        FIND Directory

Junior Autism Group

If you are in Central Lancashire, especially Chorley and South Ribble, you might be interested in the Junior Autism Group or in East Lancashire Action for ASD.  ActionforASD