At Reachout ASC we didn’t stop working in lockdown.  We supported our autistic pupils where we could by talking to them and their parents at home,  keeping in contact with our schools and taking our training online.  We also produced lots of resources and free training about going back to school.

Here are our free resources for helping autistic and other SEND pupils go back to school.  They include social stories and visuals.

We have worked closely with Schudio TV to produce free online bitesized courses.

And to continue your autism training for just £10 per month we have continued to work with Schudio TV, providing high quality training, in bitesized sections, to learn at your own pace. These courses are CPD accredited and for a whole school staff we have a special offer from just £2 per month per staff member. See here

So far we have 3 courses online as part of the membership: