Three great books by Lynn McCann

How to support children with ASC in Primary and Secondary schools 

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Lynn has finally seen her dream of becoming an author realised with not one, but three books for teachers.  



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Social Story for Dyslexic Pupil

A Social Story(TM)  supporting a Dyslexic Pupil

I was asked to write a Social Story(TM) with a pupil in a school who doesn't have ASC but is struggling with his self esteem because he has Dyslexia.  I love to write Social Stories(TM) with the pupil themselves and this one helped him so much that we agreed it would be good for other pupils who struggle to read and write to be able to read it too. The word "ACCOMPLISHED" was one offered by the pupil, and I thought it was great.

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Having fun in a Secondary School Training Session.

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All my training sessions are made-to-measure.  I will talk to staff before I come to find out what you do already and what issues you are needing to cover. I have a basic set of courses I have written which can then be adapted for each setting.   Here is one example how my training can meet your needs.

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