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Lynn McCann

Why Whole School Autism Training is Money Well Spent

​ I first heard the term 'autism' in 2003.  I was an early years teacher at the time and the class list for the new year informed me that I had three statemented children, two who had autism, one with cerebral palsy and a couple of children who were under investigation for global development delay.  By then I had been teaching for 12 years, been trained in SEN and had always been interested in supporting pupils with SEN.  These children had teaching assistants assigned to them, we considered ourselves a well organised with an inclusive environment and I was really looking forward to getting to know the children and meeting their needs.  But it turned out a little more difficult than we anticipated…

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The right way to use Visual Timetables

I bet anyone whose ever had a specialist in to advise them how to support a pupil with autism has been told to use a visual timetable.   I bet it's written down as a strategy in almost every statement or EHCP for ASC pupils.

You might have a visual timetable on your classroom wall.  You might remember to put up the schedule for the day…every day…and even to take off each picture as you finish each activity.   You might be remembering to do this for a child's individual visual timetable.  Well done if you have.   However,  if you haven't had them explained to you properly, it can easily seem as a lot of work for little reason...

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