Roofbreakers Are you a church in Lancashire? (or there abouts?)

Want to make your fellowship accessible to people with disabilties? 

Then think about coming along to our network meetings and help us make churches more accessible by sharing and working together. 

Its a group of people who have disabilties, who support people with disabilities or who just want to look at how their church can be more inclusive and accessible. 

We are part of Through the Roof's Roofbreaker Networks (Be a Roofbreaker information)

 004 paralysed man roof

The first meeting in April, held at St Andrew's CE Parish Church in Leyland, was attended by about 40 people, representing 18 churches from across Lancashire and of different denominations. Lynn McCann and Tim Wood presented the idea and we had lots of sharing and discussions about what the network was, what people wanted it to do and how we might do that.  We all enjoyed getting to know each other.

We wrote down what we wanted to get from the group and there were lots of great ideas. 


The second meeting in June, held at Christ Church in Longridge, was attended by some new members and many of the original group.  We looked at different barriers to accessing church and did some exercises to help us understand.  We agreed that people would like training in supporting people with autism, people who have sight loss and people with learning disabilties in particular.  We all went away to pray about what we could do and how we could do it. We can only look to God for our direction for this network so that it is useful and meaningful for those it can support and who are involved. 

The third meeting was at Trinity Community Church in Accrington.  We had a great talk from Maureen and Andrea about making church accessible for people with sight loss.  We also did a workshop in adapting Bible stories as a sensory story and had great fun choosing our sensory experiences and then presenting our stories to the rest of the groups.  It was at this meeting that the group decided to call ourselves the Lancashire Roofbreakers to show that we are one of the Through the Roof Roofbreaker networks. 

The fourth meeting was at Fulwood Free Methodist Church in Preston and we invited Dave and Bill from Disabiltiy and Jesus to speak to us.  James and Sarah told us about how they had been setting up a children's disabiltiy ministry in their church and Alma spoke to us very movingly about how churches can be more welcoming for people with mentla health issues.  Click the titles to read more about those talks. 

The next meeting will be on the 24th September 2016  

Roofbreakers 24.9.16

We will be looking at how we can organise some training and maybe even look at putting on a bigger event in the future. Please get in touch if This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.