Includedbygrace - a blog about including adults with learning disabilities in church.

dscf0168I've been a helper and then co-leader of our group for adults with learning disabilties at a church in the North West of England for over 8 years.  We are a whole congregation of up to 60 people which includes people with learning disabilties, people with autism, carers and a team of church members. We call ourselves the Good News Group and meet weekly, in term time to teach the Bible and share fellowship with one another. 

My blog came out of our desire to 'reach out' to other churches and share what we do and have learned.  We wanted to connect with other groups like ours and share ideas, resources and practical support to other churches.   In Novemeber 2014 my blog won an award.  The Premier Christian New Media Award for "Most Inspiring Leadership Blog". 


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I did a series of posts about the different barriers that people with disabilties face in the church...  

1. Language - I can't read. 45233302 f238da6b d622 47fe 9753 72aba54ab2c3

2. I'm unable to talk  

3. Christian Jargon  

4. Are we a barrier?  

5. Physical Barriers



We have covered a lot of Bible in the past few years and like to look at the Old Testament as well as the stories of Jesus in the New Testament.  We look at how the whole Bible leads us to know Jesus and the gospel... 

IMG 03601. Judges

2. Creation

3. Christmas

4. Noah to Jesus

5. Peter

6. Parables