Lynn McCann

Our Blog will include contributions from a number of autism specialists. Lynn, Matt and Emma work for Reachout ASC, plus occasional guest bloggers.
We love to hear about your ideas, opinions, challenges and tips so please join in the conversation!
Lynn McCann

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

Whether you are a parent, carer, teacher, health professional or someone on the Autism spectrum, we hope you'll find this blog useful and  informative.  (Read more to meet the team...)

Over the coming months we will be posting all kinds of helpful thoughts, ideas and resources related to Autism.   

Lynn,and Emma are the Reachout ASC Team, with 30 years of experience between them and supporting children in Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Special Schools.  We've lots of things to say, ideas to share and discussions to have.  Hope you will join us! 

Lynn likes to think about pedagogy and look at the bigger picture of how supporting children on the autism spectrum fits into the larger picture of education. She is a reluctant expert in puberty, sex and relationships support and loves to develop sensory activities with the children she works with.  She particularly loves telling sensory stories and writing social stories because they always seem to make a great difference if done well.  She loves to problem solve and thinks that autism makes the world a more interesting and exciting place.  In her spare time she helps lead a group for adults with learning disabilities at her church.

Emma loves her job with us and is an excellent autism practitioner in the schools she is supporting.  She loves to work out how good autism strategies can be adapted for each school setting and supporting the language and communication of the children we work with.  She understands PECS and Makaton as well as using Intensive Interaction in early years settings. Emma has a vast resource bank that has been added to the already wide range of resources we all use at Reachout ASC.  Emma loves to sing and have lovely times with her three children. 

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018
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