How to support children with ASC in Primary and Secondary schools 

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Lynn has finally seen her dream of becoming an author realised with not one, but three books for teachers.  



These books are based on 10 years of supporting autistic cildren in Primary and Secondary Schools and are handbooks for non-specialist teachers and for SENCOs to dip in and out of as their autistic pupils move through the school. 

The primary chapters include 

  1. Introduction – What is ASC
  2. Getting the Environment Right
  3. Communication Support
  4. Visual Communication and Structure
  5. Accessing the Curriculum
  6. Supporting Sensory Processing
  7. Developing Independence and Organisation Skills
  8. Social Stories
  9. Challenging Behaviour
  10. Social Interaction, Emotions and Friendships
  11. Supporting Change and Transition 

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The secondary chapters include: 

  1. What is Autism Spectrum Condition                                 x
  2. Transition into Secondary School                                      
  3. Accessing Classwork                                                                       
  4. Advice for Subject Teachers                                               
  5. Homework                                                                                      
  6. Social Communication and Interaction                             
  7. Tests and Examinations                                                                
  8. Supporting Behaviour                                                                   
  9. Managing Emotions                                                             
  10. Sensory Regulation                                                               
  11. Bullying                                                                                           
  12. Sex and Relationships                                                          
  13. Transition between Key Stages 3-4 and 4-5          

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Stories that Explain is a book of over 60 editable social stories that can be used with primary aged children. It comes with a CD where the stories in Word documents so that you can personalise them and add your own pictures.  This is one of the most useful books on social stories that you could buy.

Some story examples are:

  1. I can do good waiting
  2. Turn taking is a good way to work in our class
  3. All about lining up
  4. Going to the toilet 
  5. Eating my lunch in the hall
  6. Choosing different activities
  7. Joining in with others at playtimes
  8. My brain and my senses
  9. Wet playtimes
  10. What to do when things don’t go my way
  11. Being organised
  12. Winning and losing
  13. Staying safe in the car
  14. Having a rest when I get home from school
  15. Helping at home
  16. Doing school work at home
  17. Going to an appointment in school time. 
  18. Being ill on a school day

And many more...

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