Reachout ASC specialist trainier, Lynn McCann has added three new traning options to our already extensive autism courses.  

1. Lego Therapy - learn what all the hype is about, what Lego Therapy is, how to set up and run a group and learn how to develop important social and communication skills with your pupils n the group. 


2. Mental Wellbeing and Autism (and other SEND pupils).  With the increase in mental health issues in young people, we have written a primary and a secondary course which will look at how to develop emotional strengths, calming techniques, self esteem and anger management.  We will look at how to recognise and support mental health issues in pupils who have special needs and disabilties and ask the question, is their condition or their mental health? 

3. Why some pupils with autism don't want to write.  This short course (1-1.5 hours) can be done as a staff meeting. Looking at what the challenges and difficulties can be for pupils with autism when it comes to writing and offereing ideas and strategies to help them engage and achieve. 

4. Autism in the Workplace.  In partnership with UNISON and the Environment Agency we have developed a half day course about Autism in the workplace.  This course gives and introduction to autism for managers, employees and autistic people working in companies.  It looks at what skills and benefits autistic people can bring to the workplace and what reasonable adjustments could be made to support your autistic employees and help them be the best employees they can be. 

Let's Talk Autism continues to be our main comprehensive introduction to autism and how to support pupils in your school and classrooms.  We deliver Let's Talk Autism in Primary, Secondary (with a secondary focus) and in special schools.  We have also delivered training to charities, businesses and voluntary groups.   Here's a full list of our training and INSET courses.