A Social Story(TM)  supporting a Dyslexic Pupil

I was asked to write a Social Story(TM) with a pupil in a school who doesn't have ASC but is struggling with his self esteem because he has Dyslexia.  I love to write Social Stories(TM) with the pupil themselves and this one helped him so much that we agreed it would be good for other pupils who struggle to read and write to be able to read it too. The word "ACCOMPLISHED" was one offered by the pupil, and I thought it was great.


 So here it is...and if you want to use it pleae do, but please acknowledge my authorship.  If youy want a Word copy of it so you can add the pupil details, please send a request using the email link below...


I am clever and accomplished social story for a dyslexic pupil


There are some good resources out there and Emma and I are always happy to give advice.  Why don't you EMAIL US with your questions   about supporting your ASC pupils in school.    We are now taking bookings for in-school support for the school year 2015-16.