Lego Based Therapy Training

What are the aims of LEGO®- based Therapy?

  • Promote the development of appropriate social, communication and play skills.
  • Utilise children’s strengths to develop areas of weakness.

  Who is it for?

  • Children with ASC and social communication difficulties.
  • It is also starting to be used for children with anxiety and depression. Research has yet to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention for these conditions.

This course will cover:

  • Theory and principles behind LEGO®-based therapy.
  • Practical application of LEGO®-based therapy.
  • Setting up and running LEGO®-based therapy sessions in schools and community settings.
  • Effective facilitation strategies.
  • Monitoring progress in group members.
  • Managing emotional and behavioural responses.
  • Generalisation of social skills.
  • Intervention fidelity


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Event Properties

Event Date Wed-19-September-2018 3:00 pm
Event End Date Wed-19-September-2018 6:00 pm